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Battlefield 3 drops one spot from fourth to fifth for the week. Staying in the top 10, Westeros RPG Game of Thrones finished at seven and Sniper Elite V2 placed at eight. Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games FIFA 23 coins, which has been moving up the chart slowly as we get closer to the Olympics in July, placed at nine. For a second week running Dirt Showdown claims the number 10 spot.

EA's FIFA 23 series has been on a short but noticeable hiatus, with the third game in the series having appeared way back in 2008. EA announced it would return at its press conference, and the new game bears all the hallmarks of a Hollywood-style "reboot." The title is just "FIFA 23," and it's being handled by a brand-new team. Notably, however, that team is being headed by the man credited for turning the main FIFA franchise around--creative director Gary Paterson.

Paterson's approach has been threefold--to build FIFA 23 on the FIFA engine, to make it authentic, and to concentrate on one-on-one battles. Using the FIFA engine was a no-brainer--it has been powering a series that has steadily been rising on the Metacritic ratings over the last few years, and it's one Paterson is intimately familiar with. Making it a more authentic experience is a bigger decision--the FIFA 23 series originally began life on the EA Sports Big label, which was known for its over-the-top extremes.

However, it appears that Paterson is genuinely respectful of the sport of street football, which is why he's working on incorporating its many different forms. Five-a-side, six-a-side, and last man standing will all be making an appearance, as will Panna, in which the aim is to play the ball through an opponent's legs, and Futsal, which is played indoors. Wall play will therefore be an integral part of FIFA 23's gameplay for the first time, while there are also parks and gyms spread across places as varied as Shanghai and Dubrovnik--35 in total buy FUT 23 coins.


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