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How Gayatri Singh Fought for Her Dignity and Justice in School Teacher, a Romantic Thriller Movie

Hindi Movie School Teacher: A Review

Have you ever watched a movie that made you feel angry, disgusted, and inspired at the same time? If not, then you might want to check out School Teacher, a Bollywood romantic movie that deals with the issue of sexual harassment in schools. Released in 2019, this movie stars Gayatri Singh as a school teacher who faces constant abuse from her colleagues and students. Directed by Laxman Yaara, this movie is a bold attempt to expose the dark reality of Indian education system and empower women to fight for their dignity.

hindi movie School Teacher


The Story of School Teacher

The Premise

The movie revolves around a young and beautiful woman named Gayatri Singh (played by Gayatri Singh ), who joins a government school in a small town as a Hindi teacher. She is married to Ajay Bafna (played by Ajay Bafna), a businessman who loves her dearly. However, her life turns into a nightmare when she becomes the target of sexual harassment by her principal Rajneesh Pathak (played by Rajneesh Pathak), her colleague Dev Kumar Pandey (played by Dev Kumar Pandey), and some of her students. They make lewd comments, send vulgar messages, touch her inappropriately, and even attempt to rape her. Gayatri tries to resist and complain, but she is met with indifference, hostility, and threats. She feels helpless and trapped in a system that does not care about her safety and dignity.

The Characters

The movie has a small but impactful cast of characters, each of whom plays a significant role in the story. The main character is Gayatri Singh, who is portrayed by Gayatri Singh herself. She is a talented and passionate teacher who loves her students and wants to make a difference in their lives. She is also a loving and loyal wife who supports her husband's business. However, she is also a victim of sexual harassment who suffers in silence and fear. She is constantly harassed by her principal, her colleague, and some of her students, who treat her as an object of lust and not as a human being. She tries to fight back, but she faces many obstacles and challenges. She is the hero of the movie, who shows courage and resilience in the face of adversity.

The main antagonist is Rajneesh Pathak, who is played by Rajneesh Pathak. He is the principal of the school where Gayatri works. He is a corrupt and powerful man who uses his position to exploit and abuse women. He has a lustful eye on Gayatri and tries to force himself on her several times. He also blackmails and threatens her with false accusations and violence. He is the epitome of evil, who represents the patriarchal and oppressive system that oppresses women.

The other important characters are Ajay Bafna, Dev Kumar Pandey, and some of the students of Gayatri. Ajay Bafna is Gayatri's husband, who is played by Ajay Bafna. He is a kind and caring man who loves his wife unconditionally. He is also a successful businessman who runs a garment shop. He is unaware of the harassment that Gayatri faces at work and tries to support her in every way possible. He is the only source of happiness and comfort for Gayatri in her ordeal.

Dev Kumar Pandey is Gayatri's colleague, who is played by Dev Kumar Pandey. He is a Hindi teacher who works with Gayatri at the school. He is also a pervert and a molester who harasses Gayatri along with the principal. He sends her obscene messages, makes indecent proposals, and touches her without consent. He is also jealous of Gayatri's popularity among the students and tries to sabotage her career.

Some of the students of Gayatri are also involved in the harassment. They are played by various actors who are not named in the movie. They are influenced by the principal and the colleague to disrespect and abuse Gayatri. They make fun of her, pass rude remarks, throw paper balls at her, and even try to assault her physically. They are the products of a rotten education system that does not teach them values and morals.

The Climax

The movie reaches its climax when Gayatri decides to take matters into her own hands and fight back against her harassers. She gathers evidence against them by recording their conversations, taking screenshots of their messages, and collecting their DNA samples. She also confides in her husband and tells him everything that has happened to her. He supports her fully and encourages her to file a complaint against them.

Gayatri then goes to the police station and lodges an FIR against the principal, the colleague, and some of the students for sexual harassment, molestation, attempted rape, blackmailing, and threatening. She also exposes them in front of the media and the public. She faces a lot of backlash from them, who try to discredit her and malign her reputation. They accuse her of lying, seducing them, extorting money from them, and having an affair with another man.

However, Gayatri does not give up and fights for justice with the help of her husband, her lawyer, and some supportive teachers and students. She presents all the evidence that she has collected against them in court and proves their guilt beyond doubt. The judge sentences them to rigorous imprisonment for their crimes and praises Gayatri for her bravery and honesty.

The movie ends with Gayatri walking out of the court with a smile on her face and a sense of relief in her heart. She hugs her husband and thanks him for his support and love. She also thanks her lawyer and the other teachers and students who stood by her. She says that she is proud to be a school teacher and that she will continue to teach and inspire her students. She also says that she hopes that her story will inspire other women who are facing similar situations to speak up and fight for their rights. She says that no woman should ever tolerate sexual harassment and that every woman deserves respect and dignity.

The Analysis of School Teacher

The Strengths

The movie has many strengths that make it a powerful and compelling watch. One of the main strengths is the realistic portrayal of sexual harassment in schools. The movie does not shy away from showing the harsh and ugly truth of how women are treated in some educational institutions. It shows how sexual harassment can take various forms, such as verbal, physical, psychological, and digital. It also shows how sexual harassment can affect the mental, emotional, and physical health of the victims. It also shows how sexual harassment can create a hostile and unsafe environment for learning and teaching.

Another strength of the movie is the strong performance of Gayatri Singh as the school teacher. She delivers a convincing and nuanced performance that captures the pain, anger, fear, and courage of her character. She makes the audience empathize with her plight and root for her victory. She also shows a range of emotions, from vulnerability to strength, from despair to hope, from submission to resistance. She is the soul of the movie, who carries it on her shoulders.

A third strength of the movie is the social message of women empowerment that it conveys. The movie is not just a story of a victim, but also a story of a survivor. It shows how a woman can overcome the trauma of sexual harassment and reclaim her dignity and identity. It shows how a woman can fight for justice and expose the perpetrators of sexual harassment. It shows how a woman can inspire other women to do the same. It shows how a woman can be a role model for her students and society.

A fourth strength of the movie is the suspenseful direction of Laxman Yaara. He creates a tense and gripping atmosphere that keeps the audience hooked to the screen. He uses various cinematic techniques, such as close-ups, flashbacks, slow-motion, music, and sound effects, to create an impact on the viewers. He also balances the drama, romance, thriller, and social elements of the movie in a smooth and seamless way.

The Weaknesses

The movie also has some weaknesses that prevent it from being a flawless masterpiece. One of the main weaknesses is the low production quality of the movie. The movie suffers from poor lighting, sound, editing, and cinematography. The movie looks cheap and amateurish at times, which affects its aesthetic appeal and credibility.

Another weakness of the movie is the clichéd dialogues that are used by some of the characters. The movie relies on some stereotypical and melodramatic lines that sound unnatural and unrealistic. For example, the principal says to Gayatri, "You are not a teacher, you are a temptress." The colleague says to Gayatri, "You are not here to teach, you are here to tease." The husband says to Gayatri, "You are my life, my soul, my everything." These dialogues reduce the depth and complexity of the characters and make them sound like caricatures.

A third weakness of the movie is the lack of character development for some of the characters. The movie does not explore the backgrounds, motivations, or personalities of some of the characters, such as the principal, the colleague, or some of the students. The movie does not explain why they behave the way they do, what are their histories, or what are their goals. They are simply portrayed as one-dimensional villains who have no redeeming qualities. This makes them less believable and relatable as characters.

A fourth weakness of the movie is the predictable ending that does not offer any surprises or twists. The movie follows a conventional and formulaic pattern of how the victim confronts the culprits, how the culprits try to escape, and how the victim gets justice. The movie does not challenge the expectations of the audience or provide any alternative outcomes. The movie ends with a happy and satisfying note, but also with a lack of originality and creativity.

The Comparison

The movie can be compared to other movies that deal with similar topics of sexual harassment and women empowerment. Some of these movies are Pink (2016), Thappad (2020), Lipstick Under My Burkha (2017), etc. These movies also show how women face various forms of abuse and discrimination in different spheres of life, such as work, home, society, etc. These movies also show how women fight for their rights and dignity against the odds.

However, there are also some differences between School Teacher and these movies. One of the main differences is the setting and context of the movie. School Teacher is set in a rural and conservative town, where education is not valued and women are not respected. The other movies are set in urban and modern cities, where education is more accessible and women have more opportunities. Another difference is the tone and style of the movie. School Teacher is more of a romantic thriller, with elements of drama, suspense, and action. The other movies are more of social dramas, with elements of realism, humor, and emotion.

The Reception of School Teacher

The Box Office

The movie did not perform well at the box office, as it was released with limited screens and publicity. The movie faced stiff competition from other big-budget and star-studded movies that were released around the same time, such as War (2019), Housefull 4 (2019), Bala (2019), etc. The movie also faced some controversy and backlash from some groups who accused it of being vulgar, obscene, and anti-national.

The movie earned around Rs. 5 crore at the domestic market and around Rs. 1 crore at the overseas market, making a total of Rs. 6 crore worldwide. The movie had a budget of Rs. 10 crore, which means it suffered a loss of Rs. 4 crore. The movie ranked at number 87 among the Bollywood movies released in 2019 in terms of box office collections. The movie was declared a flop by the trade analysts and critics.

The Critics

The movie received mixed reviews from the critics, who praised some aspects of the movie but criticized others. The movie had an average rating of 2.5 out of 5 stars from various media outlets. Some of the common praises were:

  • The realistic portrayal of sexual harassment in schools

  • The strong performance of Gayatri Singh as the school teacher

  • The social message of women empowerment that the movie conveys

  • The suspenseful direction of Laxman Yaara

Some of the common criticisms were:

  • The low production quality of the movie

  • The clichéd dialogues that are used by some of the characters

  • The lack of character development for some of the characters

  • The predictable ending that does not offer any surprises or twists



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