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Dj Khaled Ft Sza Future Beautiful

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Dj Khaled Ft Sza Future Beautiful

The music video was released on August 30, 2022. Directed by Colin Tilley, it opens with DJ Khaled on a boat with a young woman and complimenting her beautiful features, before showing him, Future and SZA on a mirrored platform in the sand.[7][8][9] In separate shots, Khaled is seen driving large vehicles, giving the woman a shoulder massage and serving her lobster with a glass of Villon cognac by the ocean;[7][9] Future performs in front of an ocean setting; and SZA sings on a lit pathway while wearing a "knitted ensemble".[9] The three join each at nighttime by the fireside.[7][8]

Colin Tilley took directorial duties on BEAUTIFUL, and DJ Khaled sets the scene by pouring his heart out to a love, beachside in a flower-filled boat. The video is filled with beautiful people, places, and the trio performing from a mirrored, shoreside platform.

The record executive then joins his collaborators Future and SZA rapping and singing on a platform near the water. "I took a flight for the Patek, you said, 'Bae, you're so dramatic'/ I guess Anything you want, boy, forget it, you just make me feel so/ I took a chance and you grabbed it, you said, 'Don't worry, I got it,' you said/ And you just make me feel so beautiful," the R&B singer chants in the chorus.

The song "BEAUTIFUL" by DJ Khaled talks about a relationship that is toxic but still beautiful. In the song, DJ Khaled praises his partner for making him feel beautiful and for being the only one he wants. He talks about spoiling his partner with luxury items like a Patek watch and jewelry, but also admits to cheating and causing toxicity in the relationship. He also mentions their use of sage and mushrooms to explore spirituality and get outside their bodies. The chorus, "I took a chance, and you grabbed it, you said, 'Don't worry, I got it'," is a declaration of trust and faith in the relationship. DJ Khaled also acknowledges his partner's beauty and how she brings life to even the darkest parts of his life. The song, as a whole, seems to be about the idea that even in toxic relationships, there can be moments of beauty that keep you coming back to each other.

Yeah (We The Best Music)So beautiful beautiful fantasyYeah it's Pluto (Another one)Life is beautifulWhatever whateverWhatever yeahDJ KhaledPull up in that two toneGot me feelin' like a JetsonLet it out my sneaky linkLil' shawty like my best friendPop a bag on her I'm a sponsorShe my investmentShe not the only one without no questions(No question)She don't want me with nobody else (No one else)She just want me all to herself (All to herself)She don't share with nobody else (Keep goin')She just want me all to herself (Pluto)Make her feel like a superstarShe way above averageI just new baguette her 'cause I'm a barbarianSoon as I put a Patek on herNow these hoes starin'(Now these hoes starin' now these hoes starin')Almost went to therapy but you was all I neededI can't even frontYou gave me somethin' to believe inShow more Audemars takin' your talent to PhilippeYou can't up and leave'Cause you caught a nigga cheatin'Every single night we burn sage'Cause we toxic (Because we toxic)Mushrooms got us outside our bodies(Outside our bodies)She so used to me swallowin' herIt's turnin' her rottenAnytime I leave out on tour don't be plottin'Every time I'm leavin' out the door she talk feistyJust make sure you're holdin' me downBefore I'm out your sightI go up from GRAMMYsWin by this shit internationalWhatever you do just stay true and show passionWhen you talk be preciseI took a flight for the PatekYou said 'bae you're so dramatic' I guessAnything you want boy forget itYou just make me feel soI took a chance and you grabbed itYou said 'don't worry I got it ' you saidAnd you just make me feel so beautifulEvery single night we burn sage 'cause we toxicMushrooms got us outside our bodiesShe so used to me swallowin' herIt's turnin' her rottenAnytime I leave out on tour don't be plottin'Every time I'm le


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