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Pendants Lighting _BEST_

Explore how you can transform your home with pendant lighting. This unique lighting format lends a modern, sophisticated touch to any room. With styles ranging from industrial to farmhouse and everything in between, there's a pendant light that's just right for your home. Use these lamps to create depth, divide a space or denote a statement piece in your home.

pendants lighting

How you place your pendant lighting changes the feel of each room. While the traditional layout of a single row of three or four always looks great, you can play with placement to create a unique effect in your home.

Brighten up a dark corner or give your entryway some well-needed illumination with this 1-light single globe pendant. It's made from metal in a shiny neutral finish, and it has a rounded canopy that's compatible with sloped ceilings. A thin, adjustable cord connects to a teardrop-shaped shade, and it showcases a swirling blend of neutral hues for an artful look. It accommodates one medium-base bulb up to 60W, which is not included, that aims for ambient light all around your space. Plus, we love that this pendant is compatible with a dimmer switch, so you can make the most out of your lighting.

This trendy mini-pendant light adds ambient illumination to any room. With a breathtaking hammered blue glass shade and brushed steel accents, you can dim and customize your lighting to match your nautical hideaway or a modern-chic haven aesthetic. For your convenience, the brushed steel metal canopy hardwires to any standard ceiling junction box using the included mounting hardware. This hanging light fixture is made from high-quality steel and glass and is compatible with a 60-watt incandescent or LED-equivalent bulb, sold separately. A 69-inch long chain makes this lightweight fixture perfect for sloped ceilings and a variety of ceiling heights. This pendant light measures 7.5" x 7.5" x 69".

Versatile pieces able to be placed throughout the home, pendant lights bring a focused, downward glow to rooms as they hang from the ceiling. Ranging from mini to large and single units to linear suspensions, pendants offer a lot of options and customization to the design of the home. Whether minimalist in the form to complex, eye-catching luminaires, pendants can entirely uplift a room just like chandeliers. Explore popular styles like farmhouse pendants and industrial pendant lights from our collection.

One of the most popular spaces for pendant lighting is the kitchen and the kitchen island due to the focused nature of this light fixture. When mounted over a kitchen island either as a single unit or an arrangement of matching units, kitchen pendant lights offer an ample glow for all food prep and activities beneath. The linear suspension brings a matching arrangement of lights under one hood, perfect for islands, while a single pendant or row of pendants can be worthy enough over a round kitchen table or bar, respectively.

The size of the kitchen island is going to determine how many and what kind of pendants can be placed above. As a general rule regardless of size, any hanging kitchen island pendants should be 24 to 36 inches above the surface and at least 24 inches apart.

The design and size of the pendants will matter depending on the length and width of the island and the style already present in the surrounding kitchen. One solution is to use an arrangement of mini pendants which can bring an ample glow while remaining minimal. A lengthy linear suspension is also a worthy choice if the island is long enough to accommodate it on both sides. Empty space is desirable on the ends of the island so that the linear suspension and island have some room to breathe. The options for kitchen island pendants are numerous, so proper research into the size, style, and mood desired is a requirement.

The bedroom is one of the most frequented rooms of the home and as such the lighting fixtures need to be on point. Home to ceiling fans and table lamps and wall sconces, the bedroom can also be home to pendant lights when installed correctly. As following the rule above, pendants in the bedroom should hang 24 to 36 inches above any surface.

The dining room and living room are perfect places for pendant lighting due to the frequency these rooms are used as social gathering spaces. An arrangement of dining room pendants across the length of the table or a linear suspension are both viable options depending on personal preference. Sometimes a repeating motif elevates the décor of the dining room, although linear suspensions come in several luxury options as well.

The living room can be a welcoming place for pendant lights when they are placed in certain locations. Like in the bedroom, pendant lights can be installed over end tables in reading corners of the living room or over smaller tables for casual drinks, games, or conversation. Living room pendants are also ideal for hanging in the center of a sectional over a coffee or cocktail table. In a location like over a sectional, luxury pendant lights can offer the same appeal as a larger chandelier.

Hanging height of pendants are dependent on the ceiling height, but for the average ceiling height of 8 feet, keep pendant lights hanging 24 to 36 inches above the surface. If the pendant is set higher than 36 inches, the intention of the more focused glow may not be achieved and a linear suspension or chandelier may be a better option.

A lower mount is also not ideal for pendant lighting because the hanging lights may reach eye-level for some guests, creating unsightly glare or a potential piece to bump heads into. The height of 24 to 36 inches ensures a cozy feel while keeping the space well-lit and the fixture out of the way. To achieve a cozy feel with a smaller table, consider a dome pendant, which will keep the focus downward while providing an inviting touch to the surface.

The size of any fixture will be dependent on the size of the room, so make sure proper measurements are done before deciding on a particular light fixture. Living rooms can have small tables for gatherings or larger sectionals or even bar areas, so the size of the pendant will depend on the size of these spaces or how the lighting arrangement will be in the home. For instance, globe pendants can act as centerpieces like chandeliers or as minimal accent pieces. In general, pendants can accent sections of a room or act as the main light source when placed in the center, so the preference is entirely subjective.

A little elegant, a little casual, and a whole lot stylish, our selection of pendant lights offer something for virtually anyone. Whether you want something elegant and luxurious or something simpler and a bit more laid back, you'll find fixtures here you can enjoy. We have multi-light pendants for a chandelier like appearance that works well in any entryway or dining area. You'll also find billiard lights, island lights, and lights that work well for adding a bit of style to your bathroom or bedroom. Mini-pendants and drum shade pendants add style to even modest contemporary as well as traditional homes. There is also a huge selection of styles to choose from, including contemporary styles in bright and colorful options with vibrant shades, as well as more basic black and white traditional pendants that go with just about anything. Use them over bathroom vanities, in the kitchen, or even schoolhouse pendants in the game room. Any style you can dream up is right here for the choosing at Destination Lighting.

Down lights are always good for creating the right kind of drama. Hang pendant lighting to highlight a cozy alcove, welcoming dining table or go for the unexpected with a hanging light in an entryway, instead of the usual chandelier. Modern and versatile, pendant lighting hardwires into your ceiling and then gets whatever look you choose as you switch out shades for glass, brass, fabric, and more. Transform the room with a simple silhouette swap, like a dome for a cone or a globe for a bowl. Your hanging lights lift the atmosphere with just the flick of a switch.

The warm style, craftsman quality and exclusive designs of our modern drop lights will make any room feel more inviting. Pendant lights offer a minimalist alternative to chandeliers with the flexibility to light small rooms or areas. But these small-scale light fixtures outshine their size thanks to the work of icons such as Herman Miller, Menu, David Trubridge, Louis Poulsen, and Gubi. Their designs include everything from mid-century modern pendant lighting to Euro-style lights and innovative artisan fixtures.

Create the atmosphere you desire in any room by hanging the right lights. Fixtures inspired by classic shapes such as empire pendants, bell lights and domes are perfect for a simple interior. If you prefer something more artistic, there are contemporary pendant lights that look like flowerpots, fans, artichokes, teardrops, and even more abstract shapes. We also have pendant lights made of handblown glass or that are right at home in industrial and warehouse décor. Mini pendant lights are great for clustering or stringing, giving you even more ways to personalize a home.

Whether you need kitchen island lights, home office lights or enclosed patio lighting, Lekker Home offers fixtures designed for better living. Most lights are available in customizable sizes and colors, and some even come with high-efficiency bulbs. We provide all measurements and certifications to help you make the right lighting choices. If you still have questions, call customer service Monday-Saturday. We serve interior design professionals as well with a trade program that includes free resources and exclusive discounts.

Pendant lighting comes in many different shapes and sizes, making them one of the most versatile lighting categories. Because of this, KAIA's Modern pendant lighting is suitable for almost any type of interior - from living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms all the way to commercial interior lighting projects. 041b061a72


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