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Tonight We Raid Calais Song Free Download [2021]

Standard Ebooks is a volunteer-driven project that produces ebook editions of public domain literature using modern typography, technology, and editorial standards, and distributes them free of cost. You can download this and other ebooks carefully produced for true book lovers at

Tonight We Raid Calais song free download

Since the commandant has taken the auto we no longer go out. It is muchtoo complicated anyway, as one has to show a passport at every bridgeand corner. Every acre of land is infested with soldiers. It isinteresting, however, to see what they do and how they turn everythingto some use. Men are sent from Germany to repair railroads, buildbridges, put up telephones, institute food stations and to kill pigs andwash [Pg 88]the meat in porcelain bath tubs as we saw them do yesterday,outside a free bath establishment near one of the factories. As we werelooking down on the road tonight, from a hill perhaps two hundred yardsaway, we saw distinctly a column of soldiers in dark blue uniforms,marching across country, and just behind them the ground seemed towrithe and wriggle in a distressing manner. For a moment we could notimagine what was happening, when soon a company of men in khaki began toevolve itself from the landscape. Does that not prove the inestimablevalue of earth-colored clothes? For as close as they were to us, wecould distinguish nothing. 350c69d7ab


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