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Buy Intel Compute Card

Intel unveiled the Intel Compute Card, a modular platform developed to transform how devices compute and connect. It has all of the elements of a full computer, including Intel SoC, memory, storage and wireless connectivity with flexible I/O options so that hardware manufactueres can optimise for particular solutions.

buy intel compute card

At Computex 2017, Intel showcased a variety of solutions utilizing the Intel Compute Card that are currently being developed by a wide range of partners, spanning laptops and tablets to digital signage and POS to AIOs and intelligent whiteboards.

Intel launched its first Compute Cards a little over two years ago, at CES 2017. The idea was to bring computer power, connectivity, and upgradability "to virtually any product, anywhere," via the slim modular design. This pluggable 95 x 55 x 5mm device (standard credit card is 85 x 55mm) contained an Intel SoC, memory, storage, and Wi-Fi / Bluetooth connectivity, with flexible I/O options available. The cards were designed to be interchangeable for super-quick upgrades to the laptops, desktops, or other compatible devices.

There weren't that many Intel Compute Card adoptees, or at least not enough to secure further generations of the product. NexDock was probably the best known system maker that based its designs around Intel's modular card computers. In January 2017, at the CES event it showed off its docking units that would be powered by Intel Compute Cards.

NexDock 2 is "ready for mass manufacturing and has been upgraded in every way compared to the first generation NexDock". The project can be backed on Kickstarter with prices starting at $179 (the estimated retail price will be around $279). Instead of using a modular compute component the NexDock 2 will use USB-C input to support smartphones with 'desktop mode' features, such as Samsung DeX or Huawei Easy Projection. Alternatively, you can plug in most HDMI stick micro computers, or the likes of the Raspberry Pi. The Kickstarter project has 26 days to go, had a $50,000 goal, and has already passed $140,000 in pledges. 041b061a72


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