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Heidelberg Sherlock Software

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to appeal to the growing business community, this year heidelbergs product offerings extended far beyond offset printing, boasting a full range of products and services, including press technology and consumables, sheet-fed presses, cutters and fabrics, imaging, finishing, media, digital printing and services, marketing and business development, and document management. in addition, heidelbergs composites and specialty paper division offered an impressive collection of products. more than anything else, the show was about a maturing market, one that is planning to acquire and integrate the latest technology into its daily operations, says hartman, who predicts that the u.s.

so when the time came to judge the show, the jury wasn't entirely sure where heidelberg would end up. in fact, it was entirely possible that heidelberg would wind up in the back of the room, for all the good that would do the company. but the jury made the correct call. in fact, it was so impressed that the company didn't even need to send a representative to its second-place finish. the judges decided heidelberg's effort was deserving of the award, based on its breadth of efforts and demonstrated commitment to change. it's a testament to the company's commitment to sustainability that it's been able to make that change over the years, even as its business grew.

whether or not heidelberg will be the only company to win the red dot design award may depend on whether the company is able to maintain its efforts. but even in the short run, the company's current efforts are already producing results. its success at drupa, and its willingness to go beyond greening to embrace sustainability on a systemic level, demonstrates that the company is eager to keep moving forward with its efforts. and the proof of heidelberg's sincerity is already showing in its products. whether the company will be able to maintain that sincerity as its business grows is anybody's guess. 3d9ccd7d82


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